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Who are we?A team of young, passionate and visionary people.

Our journey began in 2009. At that time we were serving to worldwide daily deal sites such as Groupon, Livingsocial and so on. We were responsible for sourcing, procuring, quality controlling, packing and dispatching the goods to end customers. In short, apart from marketing and advertising we were taking care of all the important aspects of the business. We had to pay some commission to daily deal sites. That was adding to the product cost. It was really bothering us badly. We realized we could knock this commission off and pass down that benefit to our customers.

Hence, with handful of experience and passion to be the best in the industry, in 2014, a team of young, passionate and visionary people started “DrGrab.com” as a daily deal site. With a mission to provide the best products with the best quality and the best of service to our customer. DrGrab.com incepted in Sydney, Australia. We concentrated on the items get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible. In order to achieve that, we started warehousing at 2 places - Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Our goal is to position DrGrab as the online service leader.  And, our journeyhas begun. We marched harder and harder. We grew and grew.  In mere 2 years, wehave successfully launched DrGrab in USA, Canada, Britain, New Zealand,Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia.

Our hard work resulted in overwhelming response from our customers and now we will be relaunching DrGrab with user-friendlier interface, more safety measures by the end of August’15.

Our vision and cultureOur values are important to us as a Fair Business.

Experts predict a promising and glorious future of ecommerce in the 21st century. In the foreseeable future ecommerce will further confirm itself a major tool of sale.

At DrGrab, we believe that the ecommerce has brought the world closer. Ecommerce is a boon as we come to know the happenings around the world.

In future 50% of the retail transactions would be online. Customer would prefer the wide range of choice with best quality and price. And we believe DrGrab would be one of them.

We set our core fundamental values accordingly and they have been inherent and are an integral part of our company policy. These values and our hard work helped us grow faster.

Our values are important to us as a Fair Business. We sincerely believe and follow them. It's our goal to be world’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find, discover & shop anything at DrGrab.

Our Service and Commitments

They say money can’t buy happiness but at DrGrab every penny you spend gives you a lot of happiness!

Enjoy the fun of grabbing amazing deals every day!

“Our daily deals” is yet another attraction for our customers. You will be offered 100 deals per month. Simply keep your eye on “Grab your deal today” section and be the first one to crack it. Let it be latest technology product or the basic one, we ensure that our customer get the best of the deals.

Best price and Quality products

As you know our one of the basic reasons why we incorporated DrGrab is to provide the best quality products to our customers with lowest possible price. Unlike the conventional sellers, we don’t operate many physical stores with high rents, wages and distribution overheads. We have our own warehouses. There are no agents involved in procurement process. For all rest of the operations until the dispatch of the products, we have in-house departments. Eventually, we are able to cut the unnecessary cost and we prefer to pass that benefit on to our customers.

Free shipping to your doorstep for all the orders

Score that extra savings you want from DrGrab with free shipping. We deliver your order to your doorstep with no added cost. We always try to make it as fast as possible.

Payment Security and Privacy (Amazon and PayPal and SSL certificate)

Your online transaction on DrGrab is secure with the highest levels of transaction security on Amazon - one of the best servers in the world. DrGrab uses SSL encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault for payment processing. We use Paypal as payment gateway that is the most safest and reliable. At DrGrab, we never share our customer’s data with third party in any ways. Data collected by us are used for processing and delivering the orders.

30 day money back policy and Insurance protection

Being a customer centric company, we always try to safeguard our customer’s interest. Now our customer just have to place an order and we will take care of everything. We are offering insurance against lost in transit, damage, and any rational reason. So whatsoever may be the matter at DrGrab, your money is safe.

The name that you can trust

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”_ Stephen Covey. We believe in this philosophy, which has guided our growth and helped us gaining the trust of our global customers.

We take pride – individually and collectively – in the quality of our work, the advanced processes we use, the products and services we provide, and in the recognized and validated efficacy of our continuous improvement program. We take pride in meeting selected customer needs ahead of our competition. We take pride in achieving and sustaining levels of financial returns as a measure, beyond the numbers, of the value our customers agree we create.

With wide range of quality products, well-trained customer care team, efficient and prompt service, free & timely delivery, DrGrab is indeed the name that you can trust!

Planets Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun


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